Do Our Kids Lie?

Often we say, “My kid is saying this. How can s/he lie? Kids never lie.”

I cannot say if once upon a time kids never lied or not. But nowadays kids lie. They lie very often.

Now question must be asked why do kids lie?

First of all kids listen to many false and imaginary stories. These days kids watch many cartoons and other related animations through Internet. Hence, they cannot distinguish between true and false. These types of lies may not be harmful, but kids must be made aware when they start going to school. Tell moral stories and religious stories to your kids. If ever kids come to know some fictions or imaginary stories, make them understand the differences between true and false.
When kids start going to school they come across many new faces and things. This new environment may make them nervous and to hide their small mistakes they may lie. Kids feel very embarrassed like an adult when their mistakes are seen by others. Hence, we must not taunt them when they commit a mistake. Instead, we should teach them how to do it and tell them mistakes are common features of human and everyone commits mistakes.

Neglected kids may lie to attract attention. Hence, we must love our kids a lot. Also make them realize that you love them. Do not forget to tell your kids at least five times a day that you love them.
Some kids feel insecure and they lack confidence. That is why they exaggerate while telling something. This is also one type of lie. Some kids may do it to prove that s/he is the best one in class or among family members. Parents and teachers must make the kids feel secure and confident.

Some parents may lie in their personal and professional life in front of their children. Hence, kids think that it is not wrong to tell a lie! Parents must be honest and truthful in life and teach the same to their kids.
Some parents encourage their kids to lie. Some even teach them how to lie! The phone is ringing, mother says to the kid, “Answer the phone and say mummy is sleeping.” Someone is coming to collect money, father says to the kid, “Tell uncle that father is not at home.” Do not forget this type of behavior may make our kids big liars. Do not encourage your kid to tell a lie by saying, wow! My baby has become very intelligent. He knows how to overcome an odd situation by lying. Do not forget, kids learn mostly from their parents.

Sometimes we parents punish our kids for wrongdoings. If after wrongdoing the kid accepts it, first congratulate him/her for being truthful and honest. Then very nicely explain to him/her how to do it rightly.
Parents must give quality time to their children. Although most parents are very busy in their professional life. But ask yourself- why do you work? For your children! Then work less and give more time to your children. Talk to them, play with them, tell them good stories, take food with them and become their friends. Try and understand their problems. Make them confident and help them to solve their problems.
Every parent wants his/her child to be the best one. We must make lots of effort to achieve this goal. A successful parent is the one who can make his/her child a good human being and a successful person, not the one who leaves lots of wealth for the kid.

Asheera Coowar