BCC School promotes civic education, civic responsibility and the development of children.
It consists of a day care, pre-primary and primary school in well structured classes


To bring change in our children through education for a better society.


  1. To open and run a day care, pre-primary and primary school.

  2. To promote civic education and civic responsibility,psychological and emotional development and career guidance.

  3. To develop the life and parental skills.

  4. To create awareness of sexuality education and prevention against sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.

  5. To develop community based projects.

  6. To support programmes against violence,drugs,cigarette and alcohol at school.

  7. To provide youth entrepreneurship education.

  8. To do all such things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


Our ongoing projects:

  1. Educate and feed the children from unprivileged family background.
  2. Organise Workshops and Awareness Programs.
  3. Provide training.

Our Future projects:

  1. To buy a school van.
  2. To open and operate a secondary school.